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A bit late but...

2008-09-22 03:21:25 by Eriklt14

I went to PAX08 and had an amazing time! Met a bunch of cool people including our very own Tom Fulp! And played lots of awesome demos. For anyone who hasn't been i would highly recommend catching it next year!

A bit late but...


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2008-09-22 03:25:00

How was Castle Crashers?

Eriklt14 responds:

Actually i didn't play it at PAX because there was a huge line. But i downloaded it when i got home just from watching it there and it's awesome!


2008-09-22 06:24:42

Then you otta check out my Castle Crasher Character on my homepage ^^

I'll bet he's a fighter!


2008-10-10 20:06:53

sweet!!3d post